Baby & Yarn Baby

This cute little baby can't help but mush her face into her beloved Yarn Baby, or in this case give it a big chomp.

Bryce's Custom Yarn Baby

Bryce, who is 3, loves all things "Frozen". So I did an Anna and Olaf yarn baby just for her!

Newborn Troy

Start out life with the basics, primary colors and ABCs. Super soft and squishy, easy for little hands to grab!

Max & the Octopus

Max's owner couldn't pass up this octopus blankie and bought one for herself to cuddle up on the couch with! As you can see it matches her cool octopus pillow and Max approves.

Olli Punk Yarn Babies

Banana Baby is a little bruised and half peeled but ready to give some love!

Olli Punk Bag Buddies

Tiny little creatures to take on the go! Can hang from diaper bags, purses, book bags and keys. Coming soon!

Super Punk

Not only has this girl of 6 years been through a liver transplant, she has had two! She loves her SuperPunk and super herself!

Rainbow Train Punk

This is for a little man of 2 who loves trains and rainbows.

Fairy Punk

This little punk is for an 11-year-old girl who loves fairies and always has a bandaid on her somewhere. Our girl has white blonde hair and bright blue eyes, just like her punk!

Deely Popper Punk

This little colorful punk is for a 4-year-old girl who loves bright colors and wearing headbands every day. With this punk she can remove the headband and put on one of her own!

Big Star

This blankie was requested for a newborn, to be off white and bright red. I was given free reign and added a big star to accent the middle.

Rosie's Blankie

Rosie was a newborn whose parents picked out pink and blue to be her colors. The print mimics her namesake, roses.

Cat's Eyelet Blankie and Hat

Little Cat's room was to be purple, lavendar and cream. Since she was born the spring I choose eyelets to give the blankie a lighter feel.

Adult Bed Blankie

This was made as a gift for my sister's wedding. As you can see Olive approves!

Olive's Blankie

Still looking good after 3 years of constant attachment!

Nursery Look

Made a gift for someone who has more traditional taste.