Fabric Blankies

Explore the Milky Way

These cute little planets can keep your little one company. It's a soft, light flannel with a planet design, with an orange minky back. Trim is a dark teal satin.

The Raven

This bright beautiful blankie is perfect the for the Edgar Allen Poe fans. Black ravens with bird cages on a bright orange background, with a mint green minky back. Black satin trim brings it all together. An orange ribbon detail was added to the minky side.

Hearts and Skulls

This victorian looking skull design in blank and white is paired with a bright red minky back and a white grosgrain trim. Minky red hearts are added to the front.

This Bat Won't Bite

These little green bats on a black background are super cute with a contrasting purple minky back. Trim is a matching bright green satin.

Awesome Autos

1950's cool cars with a light green flannel back and dark red grosgrain ribbon trim.

Classy Crossbones

Ornamental white skulls on a bright red background with a rainbow satin border and white minky on the back.

Fabulous Flames

Retro flames with a yellow minky back and a bright red satin border.

Deep Sea Octopus

Gray and blank octopus design with a pale yellow ribbed back and silver satin binding.

Galaxy Marbles

Cool multicolored orbs with a blue minky dot on back and a purple grosgrain ribbon trim.

Retro Astro

Nostalgic 60's look with a white minky back and bright orange grosgrain ribbon binding.

Silly Skeletons

Glows in the dark! Dancing skeletons on a bright yellow minky back with lime green satin trim.

Splatter Blobs

Red paint blobs with a black minky back and teal satin trim.

Sweet Sugar Skulls

Crazy colorful animal sugar skulls with a red minky dot back and blue grosgrain ribbon binding.

Weaving Webs

Fun purple spider webs on a black minky back and bright yellow satin trim.