Fabric Blankies: Deep Sea Octopus

Gray and blank octopus design with a pale yellow ribbed back and silver satin binding.

Blankies come in 4 sizes, but if you need something in a different dimension, just let me know!

Our Lovey size is perfect for car trips, play time or anytime you need to go out of the house with less to carry. A convenient 20" x 20" comes with or without binding.

The standard Baby Blankie is 36" x 36" which is perfect for nap time, play time or tummy time. This also come with and without binding.

The Stroller Blankie is a rectangular shape to better cover those active legs while out for a stroll. This one has no binding. Sizes vary slightly but are around 30" x 35".

The Toddler Blankie is 36" x 48" and is perfect to keep on a toddler's new bed, to make a fort or a superhero cape. This blankie has binding.

Size and Style

Want to add a stuffie to match the blankie?

I will create a stuffie using the same materials as the blankie fabric you pick.


*All colors and prints are subject to availability and you will be notified before the project starts if a color is not available.